The Big Canvas Theater at Blackstone Commons

A Permanent Space for Comedy for Everyone

Big Canvas is a nonprofit organization that believes in “Comedy for Everyone” comedy in Omaha, Nebraska with the goal making improv, sketch, and stand-up comedy accessible to people from all backgrounds. We’re asking for help to secure a permanent space for community classes and performances.


Having a dedicated theater for our organization will allow us to focus more on what we do, and less on worry about where to do it. This means we will be able to put on more shows with a broader and more diverse range of performers, teach even more classes, and host a greater number and variety of workshops to support groups in the Omaha community. This includes free classes and workshops for groups that may not typically have opportunities to engage in theatrical arts.

We see this theater as a place for improvisers, actors, comedy writers, and standup comedians in the Omaha community to practice and present their craft. Furthermore, in line with our mission of comedy for everyone, this theater is intended as a safe space for self-expression, no matter your background or identity.

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As we have grown, we have begun performing a wider variety of shows, teaching a greater number of classes, and partnering with a larger number of community groups for shows and workshops. This has begun to pose an exciting challenge, as we have increasingly struggled to find venues that can accommodate our growing number and scope of classes and events.

Therefore, we are excited to be in the process of launching The Big Canvas Theater at Blackstone Commons! Located in the heart of the newly booming Blackstone District in Omaha, this theater will be Big Canvas’s home base for shows, workshops, and classes.


Construction of the Big Canvas Theater is already underway, but it is an expensive and time-consuming process! Currently, most of the construction is being done on a volunteer basis by our members. Your donations will be instrumental in helping us to bring our dream of growing our community class and workshop options to life.  So far, we’ve done seminars for teens and confidence, helping girls use their voice, and for adults of all ages. We’d love to focus more on under-served demographics in the Omaha and Nebraska area.

Many of our current students and performers have found their involvement with Big Canvas to be impactful, even transformative. With your help, we are excited to use this new theater and bring our brand of comedy for everyone!

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